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"Dekka" means "rubble" (Arabic). From the rubble of the old, new beginnings emerge.

Scheu's Rainbow Army is emerging from a "kom el-Dekka", a mound of rubble that had become the remains of Dekka Corp.


Dekka used to consult to foster long-term success for companies that are outgrowing current operational paradigms or are just imploding or preparing for systemic change. Dekka made artful use of available resources. Part artists, part railroad chain gang, we provided missing pieces to a group posturing to succeed. For many, Dekka came to mean remote IT.

the challenge

The internet and the web changed how markets and businesses work.

As the web became the defacto internet, profit margins shrunk considerably for the vast majority of businesses unprepared for changing markets. Dekka was no exception. We saw what was happening, helped others, and derived a long-term solution for ourselves to help as many new and growing companies as possible with the least amount of cost per company.

status: There's an app for that.

A new paradigm is the freemium business model. Yeah, not so new now, but it was when we started changing our operations.

We're developing software that focuses on our core Dekka expertise to help other organizations.

Dekka is incubating.

Writing software quickly to fix an issue is easy at first. As software becomes complex, changing it becomes exponentially more difficult. We're writing software that anticipates the changes of a growing company and changing markets. It takes a lot of time to write software well. The details of Dekka as software and the why's behind it are not yet released.

Here's a teaser that you can start using or grab and integrate into your own software solution:

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